Writing a new school song OR modernize your existing but outdated school song can be a fantastic opportunity to involve your students and work with teachers and musicians to create something they all love to perform. If you don’t have a school song then this could be for you.

Teachers and students can be part of an event that incorporates everyone in the school, contributing their ideas to formulate the lyrics and melodies for your school song?

Music Resources For Schools can assist in the writing of your school song by offering our songwriting and production skills to create and record a contemporary version or versions of the song.

We would provide a professional backing track, create or assist with melodies and offer the option to record your school choir or vocal group performing the song to use at assemblies, functions or as “on hold” music for your telephone system.

As a collective, the school would decide the style and tempo that you would prefer and we create and tailor the musical options for you to choose from till we reach the ideal school song you can feel proud to own and perform.
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At Music Resources For Schools we feel that the school itself needs to be the instigators of the lyrical content. This could be through a competition or by class activity.

Areas to derive the lyric content could be:
1. school history
2. mission statement
3. location
4. direction (could include sustainability)
5. culture etc..

For Learning Outcomes this can be classified as a part of the Music, English and Art department activities.

What we create and supply:
1. Creation of the backing music for your song.
2. Assist with or create vocal melodies.
3. A CD Master of the backing track to the school.
4. A chord and melody chart of the song for teaching purposes.
5. Option to record students performing the song.
6. Option to supply a CD or quantities of the finished song plus a backing track/s of the same (with or without the backing vocals – both if you wish).

Contact John Bennetts for more information: john@musicmediatribe.com