If you want to know how to get into music production – then setting up a recording studio – for recording your own music at home – is an awesome starting point. The Music Production and Recording Handbook literally is a fast start guide to computer recording.

It’s designed for music student s and teachers and for those who know little or nothing about computer recording, to get started using software as a songwriting tool to record their ideas, do demos or work on music projects.

In the first section we look at Identifying your purpose, so you can develop some clarity around what you’ll need to record your genre of music, and generally, what you’d actually like to achieve.
Then we look at the best software for producing music for your purpose. I’ve covered the 10 most prominent music software products with links to their websites for you to check out, with both paid and free versions.

We examine which computers to use for various software – with their specs, to make it easy for you to work out what it is you will need. We go over all the essentials for music production for building a small recording studio including – creating a Studio Space.

To play your music into your computer you’ll need a MIDI or USB keyboard so we cover the basics of Keyboards.

We also look at the different types of microphones, audio interfaces, FX and what they do, recording, mixing and mastering, includes a video tutorial on How to Use Garageband and much much more.

So I hope this information will help you with the ‘basics’ of computer recording and your home recording set up.

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Here’s to your musical success!