There are many benefits for using guided meditation for kids in schools. Helping students to be calm, allowing for better focus, to be more present and absorb their daily lessons, and can assist with academic performance. Meditation has been found to be good for the Emotional Wellbeing of both adults and children and helps to reduce worries, anxiety, distress, bad behaviour, improves sleep, self esteem and brings with it the benefits of calmness, relaxation, awareness and mindfulness.

These guided imagery meditations have an Earth Healing focus and are from the book Earth Healing Meditations Guided Imagery for Groups by Helen Joy Buck.


Atmospheric Cleansing Cloud

This meditation focuses on sweeping away pollution from the town, state and country that you live in. Sweeping away the pollution from the whole planet. Drawing it up into a very special cleansing cloud, and into the light.

Duration: 25 minutes

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Loving and Appreciating Mother Earth

During this meditation you picture the mother earth. You love and appreciate her. You smile with her and spend time with her. You embrace, love, and respect the mother earth and all her earth conditions. You thank her for the role she plays in our existence.

Duration: 26 minutes

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Doves of Pure Peace

This meditation helps you to connect with the energy of pure peace, through the image of the dove. See and feel pure peace extend all around the country, over the oceans and all around the world, with the assistance of the doves.

Duration: 21 minutes

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Animal Healing

During this meditation you meet with a group of healers. These healers are wearing headdress that symbolize the animals that they care for. You communicate telepathically with the healers and send them out to all the Elephants, Eagles, Lions, Sea Turtles, Giraffes and Bears in the name of healing.

Duration: 23 minutes

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Kindness Showered Down Upon You

This meditation helps you to experience love and kindness, so that others can experience it too. Spread love and kindness around the world with the assistance of an angelic being, a guardian of the planet.

Duration: 21 minutes

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Sending Love to Water


During this meditation you send love in your own very special way to all the water systems all around the world, within the universal laws and in accordance with the highest good.

Duration: 27 minutes

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All the above guided meditation for kids mp3s are written and spoken by Helen Joy Buck, with music by Dale Nougher and are recorded and produced by John Bennetts.

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