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Children of the Earth

Bringing together Music, Science and Art, “Children of the Earth”  provides an opportunity for primary school children to learn and sing songs with thought provoking environmental and social themes set to a host of inspiring music genres including Pop, R&B, Reggae, Ballad, African, and Acapella.

Children Of The Earth culminates in a professional recording session where students star on their own CD which can then be sold to family and friends as a fund raiser. It can be tailored to profit big and small schools alike with negligible outlay.

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I use one of John Bennetts’ songs “Clear Water” about the importance of looking after the world’s waterways in our ‘connect with nature’ programs as it provides inspiration to the students in creating their own action plans for their local waterways. Environment and arts are intimately connected and songs provide a powerful platform for communication of key messages.

Geoffrey Smith: Healthy Waterways Program Leader, Blue Mountains City Council

Fundraising Using “Children of the Earth” – How It Works

The school is provided with this resource kit to teach the children the songs.

This kit comes complete with 20 songs (10 with vocal parts to assist the learning process and the other 10 with the backing tracks only) plus lyric sheets for each of the songs.

The songs have been specially written to appeal to today’s young music savvy generation with age appropriate themes and lyrics.

Teachers can be as creative as they like adding their own ideas to each song, adding harmonies or changing melodies and lyrics to suit the talents of the class using the supplied recording as a guideline.

Artwork Competition

During the 3-4 week period of learning and rehearsing the songs, an optional competition can also be implemented for artistic students to design a front cover for the CD. The winning entry can then be used as the album cover.

Recording Day

A professional sound recording engineer will then visit the school and record the children singing along to the backing tracks, which will then be mixed and mastered to CD.
The finished product will then be available for sale to the students and their families with a generous percentage of sales going to the school.

The CD‘s make excellent gifts for grandparents, family and friends while providing a truly new and different way of raising funds for the school.

For further information contact John Bennetts on 07947 864 056 or email to


Children of the Earth – Palmerston Primary-School CD Art


  • We allow full rights for your school to perform the songs as many times as you wish (within your school only).
  • No royalty fees to pay.
  • You may charge to see performances to fund raise.
  • You may record the songs and sell CDs for Fundraising (in your school use only).
  • This Resource CANNOT be transferred to or used in another school.

Click here to Read “Children of the Earth” Lyrics


Written and created by John Bennetts, Carmella Bainie and Dale Nougher
Recorded and mixed by John Bennetts