Creating Conscious Music Resources For Schools With A Musical Heartbeat

“Dr Foul’s Folly”

An environmental musical experience by John Davies. Involves 18 main characters plus Dr Foul’s army of many.

“It’s About Time

A FUN musical experience by John Davies.
“It’s About Time” involves between 30 and up to 120 people with 3 main characters.

“Children of the Earth”

An opportunity for primary school children to learn and sing songs with thought provoking environmental and social themes.

Primary School Musicals, Fund Raising Music Programs, Music Production and Songwriting Workshops and much more!

Areas covered in a 2 hour workshop:
1.  Using songwriting and production to enhance literacy & numeracy outcomes.
2.  Giving children a reason to learn- enhancing self-esteem.
3.  How to write songs with children- practical tips.
4.  Deconstructing songs to understand them.
5.  How to use music in the classroom. Lots of engaging new ideas.
6.  Using music, soundscapes, radio plays and video with children.
7.  Using technology effectively (ipods, garageband, imovie)
8.  Workshop and arrange songs already written by teachers or students.
Areas covered in the 2 hour workshop include:
1.  Recording software – Basics
2.  Microphones – which one and where?
3.  Creating a song
4.  Creating drum, percussion and bass parts using onboard sounds and loops
5.  Using keyboard and ambient sounds
6.  Recording guitar and vocal tracks
7.  Mixing (including listening to the balance of sound, panning and EQ)
8.  Use of effects (reverb, compression, limiting, distortion and much more)
9.  Mastering the final product
10. Burning the finished product to CD

Areas to derive the lyric content could be:
1.  School history
2.  Mission statement
3.  Location
4.  Direction (could include sustainability)
5.  Culture etc..
For Learning Outcomes this can be classified as a part of the Music, English and Art department activities.
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Why Choose Our Music

  • We are a boutique international production team with high ethical values
  • All music created by our professional musicians/composers/music producers
  • Composer and consultant John Davies is an former Primary School Principal who understands the power of music in education
  • Former touring/recording musician John Bennetts has facilitated over 140 songwriting and online media workshops with over 2,500 music students
  • We Advocate Environmental Awareness

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